Download Omnibug CRX 1.18.0 for Chrome

Omnibug CRX

Use this tutorial to download Omnibug CRX 1.18.0 for Chrome. Users can install this free Developer Tools plugin manually by following a simple procedure. Omnibug is a browser extension to decode and display outgoing digital marketing tool requests.

Omnibug is a Chrome extension built to ease developing and QAing today’s marketing technologies. Each outgoing request (sent by the browser) is checked for a pattern; if a match occurs, the URL is displayed in a DevTools panel and decoded to show the details of the request. In addition, requests can be exported as a Tab or CSV file.[Keep Reading]

Download CRX from MediaFire
Download CRX from
Download CRX from Chrome Store

Omnibug CRX

Omnibug Crx Installation:

After downloading the Omnibug. Crx, navigate to the extension manager on Google Chrome. You can also go to chrome://extensions/ and drag-n-drop the crx file to add it to your web browser manually.

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