Download Anity CRX 2.1.1 for Chrome

Anity CRX

Use this tutorial to download Anity CRX 2.1.1 for Chrome. Users can install this free Social & Communication plugin manually by following a simple procedure. Annotate all manga images in the tab with kanji readings, web and user translations. Anity will create annotations for the manga you’re reading with full translation to English.

In place live text replacement to swap the text on your manga pages in real-time. Read Japanese manga online – translated in one click. Learn kanji meanings and readings. Configure Anity to your liking with copy on double click and translation visibility. Donate button to help support Anity servers and future Anity development. Keep up to date and contact us on all multiple social media platforms.[Keep Reading]

Download CRX from MediaFire
Download CRX from
Download CRX from Chrome Store

Anity CRX

Anity Crx Installation:

After downloading the Anity.Crx, navigate to the extension manager on Google Chrome. You can also go to chrome://extensions/ and drag-n-drop the crx file to add it to your web browser manually.

Older Version

Anity 2.0.8 CRX
Anity 2.0.7 CRX
Anity 2.0.6 CRX
Anity 2.0.5 CRX
Anity 2.0.3 CRX
Anity 2.0.1 CRX

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