Download Toby CRX 0.7.12 for Chrome

Toby Crx

Use this tutorial to download Toby CRX 0.7.12 for Chrome. Users can install this free Productivity plugin manually by following a simple procedure. The clear way to share complex information. Mind maps are a collaborative tool that helps you make sense of complex things. Better than bookmarks. Organize your browser tabs and access them quickly anywhere. “I don’t want to have 3,000 tabs open anymore” – from a new Toby user. Bookmarks are for books, not browsers. Organize your browser tabs into Toby so you can access key resources in one click instead of seven.

Toby Crx
Toby is better than bookmarks, it levels up your Chrome browser. Toby is a visual workspace that lives on every new tab. Add new tabs by dragging and dropping your browser tabs into collections or save a whole session in just one click. Access all of your collections on any desktop with automatic sync. Use tags to organize your collections or create notes for your to-dos.[Keep Reading]

Download CRX from MediaFire
Download CRX from
Download CRX from Chrome Store

Toby Crx Installation:

After downloading the Toby.Crx, navigate to the extension manager on Google Chrome. You can also go to chrome://extensions/ and drag-n-drop the crx file to add it to your web browser manually.

Older Versions

Toby 0.7.8 CRX
Toby 0.7.7 CRX
Toby 0.7.6 CRX
Toby 0.7.5 CRX
Toby 0.7.4 CRX
Toby CRX
Toby 0.6.3 CRX
Toby CRX

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