Download Mass Friends Deleter 1.5.8 CRX for Chrome

Mass Friends Deleter CRX for Chrome

If you are using Facebook for a Longtime then there are maybe many friends, you don’t know. Old users of Facebook have added many friends in the beginning. Today, they are still on their list. You don’t know them, you don’t talk to them, either they are good or bad? You don’t know anything! Still, they are on your friend list. They can watch your posts, know where you are or where you live. Indirectly, you are breaching your own privacy. It’s better to delete them.

Now the question is how you can delete all of them collectively. Individual deletion can take hours for you. For this purpose, the Mass Friends Deleter for Facebook Chrome Extension is built. This app will identify the inactive friends or uncontacted people in the list. And, offers you to delete them all at a time. [Keep Reading]

Download Mass Friends Deleter Crx from
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Mass friend Deleter Crx for Chrome

Mass Friends Deleter Crx Installation:

After downloading the Mass Friends Deleter. Crx, navigate to the extension manager on Google Chrome. You can also go to chrome://extensions/ and drag-n-drop the crx file to add it to your web browser manually.

Older Versions

Mass Friends Deleter 1.5.7 CRX
Mass Friends Deleter 1.5.6 CRX 
Mass Friends Deleter 1.5.5 CRX
Mass Friends Deleter 1.5.4 CRX
Mass Friends Deleter 1.5.3 CRX
Mass Friends Deleter 1.5.1 CRX

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