Download Boxel 3D CRX for Chrome

The following article, lets you download Boxel 3D CRX For Chrome. We have added the latest and older CRX versions of Boxel 3D fun extension. You can install the provided CRX plugin of Boxel 3D from the Chrome extensions manager.

Boxel 3D is the 3rd release of your favorite box jumping game made by the developers of Boxel Rebound. [Keep Reading]

Boxel 3D CRX for Chrome

Old CRX Versions:

  1. Boxel 3D CRX
  2. Boxel 3D CRX
  3. Boxel 3D CRX
  4. Boxel 3D CRX
  5. Boxel 3D 1.1.4 CRX
  6. Boxel 3D 1.1.2 CRX
  7. Boxel 3D 1.0.0 CRX
  8. Boxel 3D CRX
  9. Boxel 3D CRX

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