Download Duplicate Tab Shortcut Key CRX 2.0 for Chrome

The following article lets you download Duplicate Tab Shortcut Key CRX for Chrome. This page contains the latest and old CRX versions of Duplicate Tab Shortcut Key. Quickly and easily install the Duplicate Tab Shortcut Key CRX file from the Chrome extension manager.

Installing this extension will enable you to set a keyboard shortcut of your choice that will duplicate a tab in Google Chrome. Not just opening a new tab with the same URL – but the true functionality that also duplicates the tab’s history and all other attributes without requesting a page-reload / page-refresh. You must have Google Chrome version 25.0 or newer in order to use this extension. You can update Google Chrome by going to the “About” page.[Keep Reading]

Duplicate Tab Shortcut Key CRX for Chrome

Old CRX Versions:

  • No old CRX Versions are available.

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