Download LiveTL CRX 6.7.2 for Chrome

The following article allows you to download LiveTL CRX for Chrome. Here I have added the latest and old CRX version of LiveTL. Download and install the LiveTL CRX directly from the Chrome extensions manager.

It includes the following features: Filter translations for your language (messages tagged with [en], es -, etc.), Select your favorite translators, Ban spammers polluting translations, Freely resizable chat, translation panel, and stream, Optimized YouTube chat with HyperChat, Archived stream (VOD) support, Custom user/mod filters. You can download LiveTL on other platforms too: [Keep Reading]

LiveTL CRX for Chrome

Old CRX Versions:

  1. LiveTL 6.6.3 CRX
  2. LiveTL 6.6.1 CRX
  3. LiveTL 6.5.5 CRX
  4. LiveTL 6.5.3 CRX
  5. LiveTL 6.4.5 CRX
  6. LiveTL 6.4.4 CRX
  7. LiveTL 6.4.3 CRX
  8. LiveTL 6.4.2 CRX
  9. LiveTL 6.3.5 CRX

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