Download ClearURLs CRX 1.21.0 for Chrome

The following article allows you to download ClearURLs CRX for Chrome. I have added the latest and old CRX versions of ClearURLs. Easily download ClearURLs CRX from here.

Remove tracking elements from URLs. This extension will automatically remove tracking elements from URLs to help protect your privacy when browsing through the Internet. Many websites use tracking elements in the URL (e.g. [Read More]

ClearURLs CRX for Chrome

Old CRX Versions:

  1. ClearURLs 1.20.0 CRX
  2. ClearURLs 1.19.0 CRX
  3. ClearURLs 1.18.1 CRX
  4. ClearURLs 1.18.0 CRX
  5. ClearURLs 1.17.0 CRX
  6. ClearURLs 1.16.0 CRX
  7. ClearURLs 1.15.0 CRX
  8. ClearURLs 1.14.0 CRX
  9. ClearURLs 1.12.0 CRX

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