Download Text Blaze CRX 2.6.7 for Chrome

This article, allows you to download Text Blaze CRX for Chrome. I have added the latest and old versions of Text Blaze CRX. Find, Download, and Install the latest or old versions of Text Blaze CRX directly from the Chrome extension manager.

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Text Blaze CRX for Chrome

Old CRX Versions:

  1. Text Blaze 2.6.3 CRX
  2. Text Blaze 2.6.1 CRX
  3. Text Blaze 2.6.0 CRX
  4. Text Blaze 2.5.4 CRX
  5. Text Blaze 2.5.1 CRX
  6. Text Blaze 2.5.0 CRX
  7. Text Blaze 2.4.9 CRX
  8. Text Blaze 2.4.6 CRX
  9. Text Blaze 2.4.4 CRX

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