Download Whitaker’s Words Helper CRX 1.3 for Chrome

This article allows you to download Whitaker’s Words Helper CRX For Chrome. I have added the latest and old CRX versions of Whitaker’s Words Helper here. You can easily download Whitaker’s Words Helper CRX directly from the Chrome extension store.

How To Use: Using this extension is incredibly easy, all you have to do is double click on a word and the definition will appear. If you want to look up many words at once you can either drag-highlight the words and then right-click and select ‘Get Latin Definitions’ from the Whitaker’s Words Helper menu, or double click and drag. The Whitaker’s Words Helper right-click menu now also has a ‘Get Scansion’ option that will scan the selected text for dactylic hexameter. Finally, if you want to disable the extension, click on the icon in the top left, next to the search bar, and click the toggle to disable the extension. [Keep Reading]

Whitaker's Words Helper CRX For Chrome

Old CRX Versions:

  • No old CRX version are available.

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