Download UltraIMG CRX 3.2.0 for Chrome

UltraIMG CRX for Chrome

Use the following article to download UltraIMG CRX 3.2.0 for Chrome. Users can install this free News & Weather plugin manually by following a simple procedure. They can navigate to the chrome://extensions URL and drag-n-drop the download CRX file on the web browser.

This extension adds a new option to your right-click menu when you hover over an image. This allows you to ‘mirror’ images from one website, straight onto UltraIMG. This is particularly handy if the original host does not support hotlinking. Whereas, UltraIMG does 🙂

As from Version 1.0.7, a few new features has been implemented. You can now either grab the WHOLE web page that you are currently looking at, grab just the visible part, or use the selection tool to grab which bit you want. Once any of these selections have been made, you can then EDIT the picture with our tools. Arrow / Text / Box / Circle / Blur / Eraser / Undo and Redo 🙂 Click Done. Then click to upload to UltraIMG. Very simple. Hope you all enjoy it. [Keep Reading]

Download CRX from Chrome Store

UltraIMG CRX for Chrome

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