Download Percipio ELSA CRX 1.24.995 for Chrome

Percipio ELSA CRX for Chrome

Use the following article to download Percipio ELSA CRX 1.24.995 for Chrome. Users can install this free Productivity plugin manually by following a simple procedure. They can navigate to the chrome://extensions URL and drag-n-drop the download CRX file on the web browser.

Percipio ELSA – Search, discover, and learn in Percipio, the intelligent learning platform, without ever changing screens.
The Percipio Embedded Learning Synchronized Assistant (ELSA) works with your Percipio site. It provides access to Percipio, the award-winning intelligent learning platform, via a browser plug-in. This experience is available for all users throughout the workday, directly in the natural workflow. [Keep Reading]

Percipio ELSA CRX for Chrome

Older Versions:

  1. Percipio ELSA 1.23.994 CRX
  2. Percipio ELSA 1.22.992 CRX
  3. Percipio ELSA 1.21.990 CRX
  4. Percipio ELSA 1.20.988 CRX
  5. Percipio ELSA 1.19.987 CRX
  6. Percipio ELSA 1.18.986 CRX
  7. Percipio ELSA 1.16.964 CRX
  8. Percipio ELSA 1.14.960 CRX
  9. Percipio ELSA 1.13.900 CRX

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