Download GaiaUpgrade CRX 1.17.3 for Chrome

GaiaUpgrade CRX for Chrome

Use the following article to download GaiaUpgrade CRX 1.17.3 for Chrome. Users can install this free Social & Communication plugin manually by following a simple procedure. They can navigate to the chrome://extensions URL and drag-n-drop the download CRX file on the web browser.

GaiaUpgrade is a browser extension that provides enhanced features for your GaiaOnline experience. GaiaUpgrade provides over 70 different functionalities to enhance your Gaia experience; such as the multi-Daily Chance (Draw All), tagging users, multi-thread multi-quote, item BBCode generation. [Keep Reading]

GaiaUpgrade CRX for Chrome

Older Versions:

  1. GaiaUpgrade 1.17.2 CRX
  2. GaiaUpgrade 1.17.1 CRX
  3. GaiaUpgrade 1.17.0 CRX
  4. GaiaUpgrade 1.16.8 CRX
  5. GaiaUpgrade 1.16.6 CRX
  6. GaiaUpgrade 1.16.5 CRX
  7. GaiaUpgrade 1.16.3 CRX
  8. GaiaUpgrade 1.16.2 CRX
  9. GaiaUpgrade 1.16.1 CRX

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