NinjaKit 0.9.1 CRX for Chrome

NinjaKit CRX for Chrome

NinjaKit CRX for Chrome is a free Developer Tool extension. This extension is developed and published by Find, Download, and Install the latest and old CRX versions from here.

CRX Details

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Free Browser Extension Version: 0.9.1
Star rating: 4.2 Out Of 5 Offline: No
Filename: ninjakit.crx Updated: November 8, 2021

About NinjaKit

NinjaKit CRX for Chrome

NinjaKit Description: yet another greasemonkey. This is experimental extension. supported API: -GM_xmlhttpRequest -GM_addStyle -GM_getValue -GM_setValue -GM_listValues new in ver0.7 -GM_deleteValue new in ver0.7 -GM_log -GM_openInTab -GM_registerMenuCommand(not yet safari) -Metadata @include @exclude @require @bookmarklet

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