Website Destroyer 3.0.5 CRX for Chrome

Website Destroyer CRX for Chrome

Website Destroyer CRX for Chrome is a free Fun extension. This extension is developed and published by Find, Download, and Install the latest and old CRX versions from here.

CRX Details

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Free Browser Extension Version: 3.0.5
Star rating: 4.9 Out Of 5 Offline: No
Filename:  website-destroyer.crx Updated: January 17, 2022

About Website Destroyer

Website Destroyer CRX for Chrome

Beat the **** out of a website. Destroy it completely. Release your anger on your friend Facebook profile, destroy the pictures, smash the videos. Anything you want. Give webpage what it deserves.


Featured weapons: – Hammer – Machine Gun (SMG) – Shotgun – Flamethrower – RPG – Granade-ATOM BOMB!!! – Stamps – (WTF?, Bullsh**, a**hole, HOT, BANNED, OMG-WTF, High five) Street Fight weapons – Throwing knife – Shuriken (throwing star) – Color spray – Chainsaw Sci-fi weapons – Spartan laser – Freezing Flash – Plasma gun.

How to use it? 1. Right Click 2. Choose the weapon 3.

Have fun 4. Share with friends We are adding more and more weapons. What should the next weapon should be? Suggest a weapon on:

Not a single web can survive, not a single webpage will remain untouched, website destroyer can destroy and smash them all. Share your results with your friends to spread the progress.

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