BoomKnob 1.0 CRX for Chrome

BoomKnob CRX for Chrome

Adds a certain je ne sais quoi to any web audio from YouTube, Netflix etc. BoomKnob adds a deep bass sound to any music played in the browser. The knob uses a decibel scale to match the non-linear sensitivity of the human ear, similar to professional audio equipment.

CRX Details

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Free Browser Extension Version: 1.0
Star rating: Not Available Offline: No
File name: boomknob.crx Updated: September 9, 2021

BoomKnob is a free Fun extension developed and published by Download and install the latest and old BoomKnob CRX version from here.

About BoomKnob

BoomKnob CRX for Chrome

The user interface is carefully designed to be simple and intuitive, with a rotary knob similar to those found on real audio equipment. Pressing on the center of the knob toggles the effect on and off, and rotating the knob controls the effect.

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