HitchHiker 0.9.11 CRX for Chrome

HitchHiker CRX for Chrome

A chrome extension for collaboratively surfing the web with others. HitchHiker is a tool for collaborative social web browsing. Users can create a room, and then move around the internet together. Whenever the room creator (or “guide”) goes to a new website the other members of the room are taken there too.

CRX Details

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Free Browser Extension Version: 0.9.11
Star rating: 5 Out Of 5 Offline: No
File name: hitchhiker.crx Updated: September 8, 2021

HitchHiker is a free fun extension created and offered by https://toddwords.com. Download the latest and old version of the HitchHiker extension for free.

About HitchHiker

HitchHiker CRX for Chrome

In addition, the guide can put on fun effects on top of the page, such as covering the screen with animated gifs or playing sound effects. The guide can present live in real time, or record a presentation inside HitchHiker to playback for an audience in the future. Or, in a more social setting, the role of guide can be passed around the room as everyone takes a turn sharing web sites.

Everyone in a HitchHiker room shares a common chat room that is layered on top of every web page visited, allowing HitchHiker to be used for socializing, education, presentations and live performance.

HitchHiker is created and maintained by Todd Anderson (https://toddwords.com), and has been supported by the CultureHub Artist Residency Program and the We Be Imagining Incubator at Columbia University.

Video credit to J Khadijah Abdurahman and the We Be Imagining.

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