ChickenHouse 1.3.1 CRX for Chrome

ChickenHouse CRX for Chrome

ChickenHouse is a free News & Weather plugin developed by konnga403 for the ease of Chrome users. It helps you stay tuned with the stock market, check out the stock rates, and acknowledge when there’s a good time to invest. You can get the latest and older CRX versions of this extension from this article.

CRX Details

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Free Browser Extension Version: 1.3.1
Ratings: 5/5 Offline: No
File name: chickenhouse.crx Updated: September 6, 2021

About ChickenHouse

ChickenHouse CRX for Chrome

Conveniently and quickly check the fund’s rise and fall in real-time

This is a tool that allows you to conveniently view the stock market information, self-selection of funds, and stocks in your browser. It is simple and elegant.
Feature highlights:
1. Real-time view of Shanghai and Shenzhen, Hong Kong stocks, U.S. stock indexes, and other market information, as well as market trend charts
2. Search and add self-selected funds, stocks
3. View the growth rate of self-selected funds, performance trends in multiple time periods, and valuation trends on the day
4. Set the holding amount and automatically calculate the estimated income of the day
5. When sharing fund data in screenshots, you can hide sensitive information such as holding amount
6. Can be opened and viewed in a separate window, not limited to the browser
7. Income statistics, you can view today’s estimated income, yesterday’s income, and the percentage of positions held
8. Batch share adjustment
9. Light theme, dark theme, simple display mode
10. Support drag and drop sorting, custom ups, and downs color matching
11. Support login to synchronize data

> 2021-9-5

-Shanghai and Shenzhen newly added [Technology 50] and other large-cap indexes, click the small arrow on the Shanghai and Shenzhen panel to display
-The corner mark supports the display of today’s estimated earnings, please go to the settings to configure
-Position pie chart displays labels, which is more intuitive
-Interface optimization

-The amount detailed icon displays the rate of return index, which is more convenient to view the rate of return (can be controlled in the settings)
-The holding ratio shows the stock category
-Interface optimization

2021-7-10 v1.2.1
-Stocks have been added to the position configuration function. After the positions are configured, click on the stock price to display the relevant position gains
-Amount details are added to the display of stock holdings
-The share adjustment interface is optimized, and stock positions can be modified in batches
-Fix the sorting failure after login
-Interface detail optimization

-The account function is online, you can synchronize data after logging in, and you are no longer afraid of data loss~ Please log in through the login entry in the drop-down menu
-Yesterday’s earnings display adjustment
-The community entrance is merged into the log
-Data cleaning function is merged into [Options-System Settings]
-Functional style optimization

For more information, please check the log in the tool

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