Greenhouse 3.1 CRX for Chrome

Greenhouse CRX for Chrome

Greenhouse CRX for Chrome is a free News & Weather extension. This extension is developed and published by Find, Download, and Install the latest and old CRX versions from here.

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Free Browser Extension Version: 3.1
Star rating: 4 Out Of 5 Offline: No
Filename: greenhouse.crx Updated: October 30, 2021

About Greenhouse

Greenhouse CRX for Chrome

Update 3.1: Data for Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz is now up-to-date for 2016 presidential primaries. (3/18/16)

Update 3.0: Greenhouse now highlights and displays data for 2016 front-runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump! (3/18/16)

Update 2.2: Greenhouse now supports and will work on sites sent over HTTPS.

Update 2.1: Font issue fixed, and Greenhouse has been updated for the 114th Congress.

Update 2.0: The data is now current and updated for the 2014 election cycle. In Senate/House races identified by Real Clear Politics as toss-ups, see a head-to-head comparison of the two candidates’ contributions. Includes current polling data from, and a link to, Real Clear Politics. It also contains many bug/performance fixes.

Greenhouse highlights on any web page the names of all members of Congress. Just hover over a name and a pop-up box provides detailed campaign contribution data, including total amount received, breakdown by industry and by size of donation, and sponsorship of any campaign finance reform bills.

Provides transparency by putting vital data where it’s most relevant, so you can discover the real impact of money on our political system. NOTE: Greenhouse will not work in incognito mode. Please turn it off when you want to use Greenhouse. The toolbar button is currently available for Safari only.

Specific Features Include: Key Data With a Mouse Hover – Highlights names of members of Congress on any web page. Hover over a name and a popup will open. It contains total contributions, small donations of ≤ $200, and industry breakdown.

Easy Links to More Info – Click on (AC) or (DC) to see which campaign finance reform bills each member of Congress supports on Click on the name to get contribution details on Also, click on the small donation percentage to see a ranked list.

See more information and contact me on the site:

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