Xiaoji Assistant 3.1.0 CRX for Chrome

Xiaoji Assistant CRX for Chrome

Xiaoji Assistant is a free News & Weather plugin developed by CyberFei for Chrome users. It helps you evaluate your funds and calculate your income according to your selected time period. You can download the latest and older CRX versions of this free Chrome extension from this article.

CRX Details

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Free Browser Extension Version: 3.1.0
Ratings: 5/5 Offline: No
File name: Xiaoji Assistant.crx Updated: September 7, 2021

About Xiaoji Assistant

Xiaoji Assistant CRX for Chrome

Fund valuation, calculation of income, Xiaoji assistant is more professional

Used to understand the net value of the fund and real-time valuation, real-time estimation of the day’s income, and holding income
Add a new exchange WeChat group, you can view the QR code on the plug-in settings page

Update log:
v3.1.0_20210201 <Major update>
-The setting page supports interface size adjustment (small, medium, large)
-The setting page supports manual switching of themes (bright, dark, follow the system)
-Fix the occasional problem of slow opening assistant

v3.0.0_20210122 <Major update>
-Support the “grouping” function; you can better manage your funds, the button is located next to the market button (the small program temporarily displays the default grouping, and the subsequent small program will update the grouping function)
-After expanding the income details, close the small window and reopen it, the sorting status will be retained
-Adjust the position of the setting button to the lower right corner of the app
-Lots of optimizations and bug fixes

-Support sorting status retention; after sorting, close the small window and reopen it, the sorting status will be retained
-Added the “Announcement” function; there will be new functions and new features in the future, you can notify everyone in time
-Added the “Quote Center” function; it is still under construction and will be notified through an announcement after completion
-You can see more information by hovering the mouse on the corner mark
-Added text reminder to the icon button at the bottom of the homepage
-Fix some calculation problems caused by abnormal fund data

-Cache issue fix

-More information jump problem fixed
v2.6.1_20201228 <Major update>
-Fix the problems in version 2.6.0

v2.6.0_20201225 <Major update>
-Funds and market support for more details, click to try it
-The color of the interface supports adjustment, which can be found in the settings
-Partial code refactoring to improve scalability

-Change of static resource hosting address
-Fix the calculation error of position profit

-Added a shortcut key entry to the settings interface, which makes it easier to open/collapse using shortcut keys
-Fix the inconsistency between the displayed data of the corner mark and the in-app

v2.5.2_20201208 <Major update>
-The WeChat Mini Program is launched. Search the Mini Program “Xiaoji Assistant” or scan the Mini Program code to experience it immediately! (Support to synchronize data with the plug-in through account)
-The application supports transparency adjustment (fishing is more concealed), please adjust in the settings

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