PageZipper 1.5.1 CRX for Chrome

PageZipper CRX for Chrome

PageZipper CRX for Chrome is a free Productivity extension. This extension is created and published by Find, Download, and Install the latest and old CRX versions easily.

CRX Details

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Free Browser Extension Version: 1.5.1
Star rating: 4.4 Out Of 5 Offline: No
File name: pagezipper.crx Updated: September 21, 2021

About PageZipper

PageZipper CRX for Chrome

PageZipper Description: Ever read one of those top ten lists or photo galleries where every item is on a different page? Clicking “Next” and waiting takes longer than actually reading the page. PageZipper automatically merges all the “Next” pages into one, so you can skip directly to the stuff you want. Check out the video tour of PageZipper: More details:

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