Clockwise 1.7.16 CRX for Chrome

Clockwise CRX for Chrome

Clockwise CRX for Chrome is a free Productivity extension. This extension is developed and published by Clockwise. Find, Download, and Install the latest and old CRX versions from here.

CRX Details

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Free Browser Extension Version: 1.7.16
Star rating: 4.6 Out Of 5 Offline: No
Filename: clockwise.crx Updated: January 17, 2022

About Clockwise

Clockwise CRX for Chrome

The smart calendar assistant that makes your calendar work for you.

Clockwise optimizes your team’s calendars to create more time in everyone’s day. It’s a new way of working that helps us set boundaries and bring flexibility to our schedules.

Using AI, Clockwise creates space for us to be present when we’re collaborating and focused when we’re working alone. More time on our calendar to focus on what matters. Less time spent rushing between meetings.

Over 10,000 organizations run on Clockwise, including Netflix, Twitter, Atlassian and Asana. We’ve created more than 2,000,000 hours of Focus Time for teams and we’re just getting started.

★ “Clockwise provides me with great peace of mind…. I have been able to totally simplify my workflow to setup & manage my meetings, so in the end I can focus on what is important: taking care of my team and the work we deliver.” – Baptiste M. in a G2 review

Clockwise takes the time to understand how we each like to work and turns those preferences into dynamic schedules that work for us—and everyone we work with. All while creating free blocks of time in each of our workdays.

Make sure work pauses when you’re off the clock with our Slack sync. Take time for a real lunch break. Find room to breathe. Block calendar time for tasks with our Asana integration.

★ “[Clockwise] has been a game-changer for me. If you have a jam-packed schedule and still fall behind on important tasks, this app is for you. Keeping open slots for focused work is the key!” – @Anshulbits on Twitter

How it Works:
1. Connect to Google Calendar
2. Choose flexible meetings
3. Set meeting and Focus Time preferences
4. Clockwise optimizes your team’s calendars by moving flexible meetings
5. Enjoy more Focus Time and fewer calendar conflicts

Clockwise does what we can’t do alone—make time in every workday for what matters.  Learn more at

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