Zoho Vault 1.91 CRX for Chrome

Zoho Vault CRX for Chrome

Zoho Vault is a free Productivity plugin offered by zoho.com for Chrome users. It can be used to secure and manage passwords on an online vault that’s always secured. You download the latest and older CRX versions of this free Chrome extension from this article.

CRX Details

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Free Browser Extension Version: 1.91
Ratings: 3/5 Offline: No
File name: zoho-vault.crx Updated: November 24, 2021

About Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault CRX for Chrome

Online password manager for teams to securely store, share and manage passwords and other sensitive data.
Zoho Vault – Free Password Manager
Zoho Vault’s browser extension for Chrome gives you organized access to all your
passwords from one secure place. Vault can safely manage passwords for your
accounts, store, and autofill your login credentials with one click across numerous
websites, and generate strong passwords for all new logins.
Efficiently manage your passwords in Chrome
The Zoho Vault extension acts as a handy Chrome password manager that allows users
1. Generate strong, unique passwords for every account
2. Store unlimited passwords, notes, signed documents, bank details, and any other
type of sensitive information without storage restrictions
3. Organize passwords in folders for efficient access
4. Sync passwords across all Zoho Vault apps for free
5. View and access passwords offline in the absence of a stable internet
Sleek features to make work easy and secure
Vault allows teams to collaborate efficiently without compromising on password safety.
By adopting Vault in your organization, you can:
1. Autofill your passwords across all websites and applications and improve your
overall productivity
2. Safely share passwords with multiple users and teams within your organization
3. Protect critical shared passwords using access control
4. Immediately evoke user access to passwords if necessary
Complete security for your passwords
Zoho Vault provides additional safety for your passwords over the default Chrome
password manager. With Vault, you will be able to:
1. Secure your passwords and other sensitive data with AES 256 encryption
2. Protect your password vault with a strong master password
3. Add additional security with multi-factor authentication
4. Set custom inactivity timeout for your account
Your data remains safe with you
Vault prompts every new user to create a strong master password to access their
password vault. Zoho Vault does not store this password in our servers and no one else
has access to your passwords, not even Zoho.
Learn more about our security policy
Get started in minutes
1. Create a free Zoho account with your email address or authenticate with one of
your Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter profiles.
2. Create a strong master password for your vault.
3. Add and manage passwords, notes, and other sensitive data from your personal
Get Zoho Vault for all your devices
Vault is more than just a Chrome password manager extension. You can access Vault
using any device (Desktop, Android, iOS, iPad, Apple Watch), from anywhere in the
Download Vault on all your devices
Featured in popular magazines
– PC Magazine
– Tech Republic
– The Hacker News
– Lifehacker
– Dark Reading
– Mashable
Zoho Vault is free for personal use and extremely affordable for businesses. You can
upgrade your free account to any paid edition of Zoho Vault and access all features
ready-made for business password management. To learn more, connect with us at
support@zohovault.com or visit https://zoho.com/vault/

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