sFTP Client CRX for Chrome

sFTP Client CRX for Chrome

sFTP Client is a free Productivity plugin offered by https://www.sftpapp.com for Chrome users. It can be used to manage local and remote server hosting on a web browser. You can download the latest and older CRX versions of this free Chrome extension from this article.

CRX Details

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Free Browser Extension Version:
Ratings: 2/5 Offline: No
File name: sftp-client.crx Updated: December 7, 2021

About sFTP Client

sFTP Client CRX for Chrome

Access your Local/Remote FTP server (including your NAS drive), local server, VPS, dedicated server, cloud server or shared hosting.

sFTP Client is all about simplicity, it has been built on the Google Chrome / Chrome OS packaged app interface allowing the app to be fast and responsive. Some of the functionality includes an FTP / SFTP Account Manager to store away and organise your most used and favourite FTP / SFTP connections allowing you to access them with a single click, File/Folder Queue to see your currently uploading/downloading items, powerful text editor (So you don’t even need an extra program to modify your code), and much more…

Take a look at all of the great features on the sFTP Client app below.

– Standard FTP Connections
– SSH over File Transfer Protocol (sFTP) Connections
– Permission Key File (SSH Key – RSA) for SSH Connections
– FTP/SFTP Passive Mode
– Connect to Remote (External) & Local (Internal) FTP / SFTP / SSH servers.
– Change File / Folder Permissions (By Checkbox or Value: e.g. 777)
– Upload / Download Multiple Files & Folders
– Quick Connect
– Editor Options: Tabbed Files, Customisation
– Drag and Drop Files / Folders
– Manage FTP / SFTP / SSH Accounts (Stored using the Google Chrome Local storage with password encryption for security)
– Powerful Text Editor with Syntax Highlighting (Save, Autosave and Auto Upload Features)
– Keyboard Selection (Move up, down, into (Enter) and back out (Backspace) of directories, includes a search ability to quickly access files / folders by typing on your keyboard)
– Import Accounts: sFTP Client
– Export Accounts
– Rename & Delete Files
– Create New File / Directory
– Refresh Local and Remote Lists
– Sort and Resize Columns
– Multi-Select Files & Folders
– Browse Local & Remote Folders by Path
– Local Directory: Select default local directory per connection as suppose to globally
– Quick Account Menu (One-click to open FTP / SFTP / SSH account connection from your saved list)
– Multiple FTP / SFTP / SSH Account Connections (Tabbed with scroll if you have a lot of connections open)
– Close Connection (Disconnects from server and removes all activity)
– Console Log (Shows all FTP / SFTP / SSH activity log)
– Transfer Queue (Queued files and folders, failed files and folders, completed files and folders)
– New Google Sockets API
– Remote & Local Menus
– Connect and list UNIX and MS-DOS directories
– Copy URLs to Clipboard
– 10 Most Recent Connections
– KeepAlive Connection
– Master Password Login (Keep all your FTP connections safe with 1 login)
– Synchronised Browsing

More features and functionality to come in free future updates!

One-time payment of $50 is required after 2 hour trial expires.

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