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SingleFile CRX
Save references to SingleFile from your web browser.
Mind maps are useful for anyone to plan, take notes, visualise information, brainstorm, solve problems, study, and share information (to name just a few).
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Free Browser Extension Version: 1.19.22
Require Chrome: 48 and up Offline: No
File name: SingleFile.crx Updated: December 14, 2021

About SingleFile

SingleFile CRX

Save a complete page into a single HTML file
SingleFile is an extension that helps you to save a complete page (with CSS, images, fonts, frames, etc.) as a single HTML file.

Getting started
– Wait until the page is fully loaded.
– Click on the SingleFile button in the extension toolbar to process and save the page.
– You can click again on the button to cancel the action when processing a page.

Additional notes
– Open the context menu by right-clicking the SingleFile button in the extension toolbar or on the webpage. It allows you to save:
– the current tab,
– the selected content,
– the selected frame,
– the selected link(s).
– Select “Annotate and save the page…” in the context menu to:
– Highlight text,
– add notes,
– remove content.
– You can also process multiple tabs in one click and save:
– the selected tabs,
– the unpinned tabs,
– all the tabs.
– The context menu also allows you to activate the auto-save (after pages are being loaded) of:
– the current tab,
– the unpinned tabs,
– all the tabs.
– Right-click on the SingleFile button and select “Manage extension” to open the options page.
– Enable the option “Destination > save to Google Drive”, or “Destination > save to GitHub” to upload pages to Google Drive or GitHub respectively.
– Enable the option “Misc. > add proof of existence” to prove the existence of saved pages by linking the SHA256 of the pages into the blockchain.
– You can use the customizable shortkey Ctrl+Shift+Y to save the current tab or selected tabs.
– And more!

More info
– FAQ:
– Known issues:

See the extension help in the options page for more detailed information about the options.
Project on GitHub:

Suggestions are welcome 🙂

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